Instructor: Aleksandro Matejic Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Coding Practitioner, DIY Enthusiast, Thinker

Hello, I'm Alex - a DevOps veteran with over two decades of experience in technology. From system management to business architecture, I often thought I've seen it all. But every so often, I encounter something new that surprises and excites me.

I'm currently a Cloud Architect at an innovative CRM company. Everything I share on Devoriales is purely my perspective and opinion, uninfluenced by others.

My passion lies in DevOps methodologies and technologies like Kubernetes, AWS, ArgoCD, and coding. Always coding. In fact, this very website was entirely coded by me! It runs on Kubernetes, provisioned by Terraform and ArgoCD, using fully automated CI/CD pipelines. When I say I do something, I mean it. I'm a firm believer in having skin in the game.

Currently, I'm developing state-of-the-art DevOps courses with the aim of making tech learning more engaging and accessible. Through Devoriales, I hope to offer insightful blog posts, foster engaging discussions, and provide updates from the tech world.

Ever wondered about the name "Devoriales"? It has a Spanish ring to it and is a nod to developer tutorials. That's all there is to it.

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Best wishes,