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HashiCorp's Controversial Move: Turning to the Business Source License

🤔 HashiCorp has recently adopted the Business Source License (BSL). The company claims that the motivation behind this adoption is to ensure sustained investment in their community and open products.

While there is a need to prevent abuses, there's a growing trend of corporations adopting more restrictive licenses.

I understand why companies are taking this route, but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It doesn't align well with the free software mentality and the spirit of community collaboration.

What are your thoughts on this move?

Key changes to note:

🔘 HashiCorp products will now be licensed under the Business Source License (BSL)

🔘 APIs, SDKs, and the majority of other libraries will continue to be licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPL 2.0)

🔘 BSL is a source-available license that permits copying, modification, redistribution, non-commercial use, and commercial use under specified conditions

🔘 HashiCorp's version of the BSL includes extra usage grants to facilitate a broadly permissive use of their source code

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Commented by Carlos Rodriguez on 2023-11-04 09:25:02

really bad strategy move by Hashicorp